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Gigantic artillery of the Third Reich by Sakhal

280-millimeter Kanone 5 [E] The Allied troops that the 22nd January 1944 landed in Anzio had not thought that the German resistance would be so tenacious. There has been controversy about the behavior of General Lucas, about how Operation Shingle could h...

[ Date: 2018-11-22 | Length: 17 Kb | Update: update ]
Fire control systems of main battle tanks by Sakhal

During long time, the aiming of tank-mounted cannons was effectuated through a telescope coupled to them. The gunner used manual controls to align the crosshair, and hence the cannon, against the target. This required a constant training and to fire m...

[ Date: 2018-03-24 | Length: 11 Kb | Update: update ]
Optics and electronics for tanks by Sakhal

Primitive tanks were almost blind. Vision was effectuated through narrow peepholes protected by crystal blocks and rudimentary periscopes whose mirrors were polished metal plates, for crystal mirrors crashed very easily. Technology allowed to remedy t...

[ Date: 2018-03-18 | Length: 33 Kb | Update: update ]
Leopard II main battle tank by Sakhal

The great tension accumulated between the western and eastern defensive blocks in the 1950s and 1960s led the German strategists to undertake the development of a very advanced tank, designed to stop an hypothetical invasion from the East. With such p...

[ Date: 2018-03-12 | Length: 24 Kb | Update: update ]
FV 4030 Challenger I main battle tank by Sakhal

In 1974 Iran ordered 125 Shir 1 and 1225 Shir 2 to the Royal Ordnance Factory of Leeds. The Shir 1 was actually a latest model of the Chieftain, already in service in large numbers in Iran, fitted with a new propulsion plant constituted by a Rolls-Royce 1...

[ Date: 2018-03-07 | Length: 12 Kb | Update: update ]
Increase of the combat capability of the Leopard 2 by Sakhal

In the last years of the Cold War, facing the combat capability of the Leopard 2 rose the growing threat of the Warsaw Pact tanks, and not only because of the numbers, but also because of the notorious increase in quality, for the range and effects of the...

[ Date: 2018-01-28 | Length: 21 Kb | Update: update ]
AMX-56 Leclerc main battle tank by Sakhal

Note: the following historical information about the AMX-56 Leclerc corresponds to the year 2000. Exclusive detailed information about the first prototype of this tank and associated electronic devices can be seen in the article AMX Leclerc - Main...

[ Date: 2017-12-25 | Length: 17 Kb | Update: update ]
AMX Leclerc - Main battle tank for the year 2000 by Sakhal

Coming from GIAT (Groupement Industriel des Armaments Terrestres), the AMX Leclerc is the latest French development of a main battle tank, destined to serve with the French Army from the 1990s. At that time it should replace the AMX-30B2, which had to...

[ Date: 2017-12-24 | Length: 19 Kb | Update: update ]
Kalashnikov assault rifles by Sakhal

In 1944 the Germans introduced a rifle calibrated for a new cartridge of lesser power, capable of being fired in full automatic mode. This "assault rifle" very soon proved to be superior to any previous design and after the war the British and the Soviet ...

[ Date: 2017-12-20 | Length: 19 Kb | Update: update ]
History of light weapons by Sakhal

From the stone to the most elaborate steels, the evolution of weapons is a path marked by some of the most representative milestones of technology. Stone Age Either for hunting, defense or attack, the human being has always used weapons. During the Lo...

[ Date: 2017-12-15 | Length: 16 Kb | Update: update ]

Most Recent Updates

Hiroshima and Nagasaki by Sakhal

It was the 16th July 1945 when it was exploded the first atomic bomb in the History, in a desertic area of New Mexico state called Alamogordo. This successful explosion started the nuclear era in which we live today. German scientifics had discovered ...

[ Date: 2014-03-15 | Length: 10 Kb | Update: update ]
The decline of the Rising Sun by Sakhal

The conquest of Iwo Jima allowed the United States to intensify their attacks against the metropolitan territory of Japan. The offensive had started time ago, and had been made possible by the availability of airbases able to allow the bombers a round...

[ Date: 2014-03-17 | Length: 6 Kb | Update: update ]
Boeing B-29 Superfortress heavy bomber by Sakhal

The B-29 Superfortress can be considered as one of the maximum expressions of the United States war industry, and for its time, almost a science-fiction machine and the largest bomber ever built. The Boeing Airplane Company had been awarded the main c...

[ Date: 2014-10-27 | Length: 15 Kb | Update: update ]
Testimonies from Hiroshima by Sakhal

In the Hell Pit What happened in the "hell pit" of Hiroshima? Testimonies gathered during the subsequent years were numerous, but few of them were in situation of giving an idea of the cataclysm provoked by the atomic explosion. In the moment that cl...

[ Date: 2014-03-19 | Length: 8 Kb | Update: update ]
Inside the Me 262 turbojet fighter by Sakhal

The Messerschmitt 262 was the first turbojet fighter to have operative use in war. It entered service, as an experimental unit, in the beginning of the summer 1944. Due to the insistence from Hitler to turn it into a "Blitz-bomber", it was initially e...

[ Date: 2014-04-05 | Length: 18 Kb | Update: update ]

Thematic Specials

Weapons of World War Two

Weapons of World War Two shows a selection of representative weapons of the three arms through very realistic artworks and succinct texts explaining key aspects of their history, the circumstances on which they were developed or employed and their technical features. The list is ordered by name, type, country or year, or displayed as thumbnails. It is available as well a chart describing the characteristics of the diverse anti-tank guns installed on tanks during World War Two.

Lince armored reconnaissance vehicle (ARV)

Aces of Aviation

Aces of Aviation shows a selection of prominent aircraft through very realistic artworks and succinct texts telling facts about them and the exceptional pilots who sat at their controls. The list is ordered by aircraft, aviator, country or year, or displayed as thumbnails.

Supermarine Spitfire Mark VB of John A. Kent

Comparison Charts

Rating Lists

These are algorithm-generated lists that compare different characteristics of many land vehicles, aircraft and ships.

Fighter Aircraft Firepower Comparator

Entity Size Comparator

This program allows to visually compare the size of many historical military entities of the following categories: aircraft, artillery, craft, helicopter, missile, portable, ship, submarine, tank and vehicle.

Entity Size Comparator

Panzer General III Memorabilia

Infographics made out of graphics from the classic strategy game Panzer General III, featuring over 300 units from four prime warring nations, chronologically arranged.

World War Two Weapons Infographic (1)

World War Two Weapons Infographic (2)

Ship Pictures PHP Pages

You can see other interesting infographics on the PHP Pages section of Ship Pictures website.

Ship Pictures PHP Pages

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Japanese aircraft | Japanese fighter aircraft lie destroyed in the airbase of Atsugi in November 1945.

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