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Ferdinand tank by Sakhal

When Porsche lost the contract for the Tiger I tank more than 90 chassis had been already produced, in different stages of completion, and for such reason it was decided to use them for a new project: a heavy and powerful self-propelled anti-tank cann...

2014-07-16 - Votes: 0 - Views: 78 - Length: 7 Kb - Last update: 2014-12-27
Tiger tank by Sakhal

The origins of the German program for a heavy tank dated back from 1937, when it was discussed for the first time the convenience of a tank that weighed from 30 to 35 tonnes. The company Henschel was ordered to develop two vehicles having the same spe...

2014-06-26 - Votes: 0 - Views: 334 - Length: 19 Kb - Last update: 2014-12-24
T-34 tank by Sakhal

During the Second World War, the T-34 was the tank that more influenced the German tank projectists and, in turn, this one originated from the work of Walter Christie. Thus, it can be said that this American engineer had a huge influence in the design...

2014-06-25 - Votes: 0 - Views: 189 - Length: 16 Kb - Last update: 2014-12-25
Maus tank by Sakhal

During the Second World War Germany destined a large amount of effort and resources to develop a super-heavy combat armored vehicle. There were two tank models under development, the Maus and the E-100, but none of them was finally adopted for service...

2014-04-06 - Votes: 0 - Views: 112 - Length: 6 Kb - Last update: 2014-12-22
Inside the Me 262 by Sakhal

The Messerschmitt 262 was the first turbojet fighter to have operative use in war. It entered service, as an experimental unit, in the beginning of the summer 1944. Due to the insistence from Hitler to turn it into a "Blitz-bomber", it was initially e...

2014-04-05 - Votes: 0 - Views: 220 - Length: 18 Kb - Last update: 2015-07-09
Messerschmitt 262 by Sakhal

In the summer of 1944, there was no doubt that the Germans were far ahead the Allies in the production of turbojet fighters. The 25th July 1944, a British Mosquito aircraft from the 544th Squadron, flying in a reconnaissance mission at an altitude of ...

2014-04-05 - Votes: 0 - Views: 137 - Length: 18 Kb - Last update: 2015-07-09
Testimonies from Hiroshima by Sakhal

In the Hell Pit What happened in the "hell pit" of Hiroshima? Testimonies gathered during the subsequent years were numerous, but few of them were in situation of giving an idea of the cataclysm provoked by the atomic explosion. In the moment that cl...

2014-03-19 - Votes: 0 - Views: 53 - Length: 8 Kb - Last update: Never
The decline of the Rising Sun by Sakhal

The conquest of Iwo Jima allowed the United States to intensify their attacks against the metropolitan territory of Japan. The offensive had started time ago, and had been made possible by the availability of airbases able to allow the bombers a round...

2014-03-17 - Votes: 0 - Views: 55 - Length: 6 Kb - Last update: Never
Hiroshima and Nagasaki by Sakhal

It was the 16th July 1945 when it was exploded the first atomic bomb in the History, in a desertic area of New Mexico state called Alamogordo. This successful explosion started the nuclear era in which we live today. German scientifics had discovered ...

2014-03-15 - Votes: 0 - Views: 127 - Length: 10 Kb - Last update: Never