The U-505, launched the 24th May 1941, served in the German Kriegsmarine until her capture the 4th June 1944 by the United States Task Force 22.3. The submarine was towed, secretly, towards Bermuda and the captured crew remained totally incommunicated from the outer world to preserve the secrecy of the capture. The victories acknowledged to the U-505 during wartime comprised eight ships sunk for a total of 45000 gross register tonnes. In 1954, the U-505 was donated to the Science and Industry Museum of Chicago, where she remains as the only surviving submarine of the Type IXC.

U-505 submarine cutaway

Displacement: 1120 tonnes while surfaced, 1232 tonnes while submerged.

Length: 76.8 meters in external hull, 58.7 meters in pressure hull.

Beam : 6.8 meters in external hull, 4.4 meters in pressure hull.

Draft: 4.7 meters.

Propulsion plant: two 9-cylinder supercharged Diesel engines M9V 40/46 of 2000 shaft horsepower each and two double-acting electric motors of 500 shaft horsepower each.

Speed: 18.2 knots while surfaced, 7.3 knots while submerged.

Range: 46080 kilometers at 10 knots while surfaced, 217 kilometers at 4 knots while submerged.

Test depth: 230 meters.

Complement: 48-56 including officers.

Armament: six 550-millimeter torpedo tubes (four at prow and two astern) with 22 torpedoes carried and one 105-millimeter 45-caliber cannon.

Crewmen room at prow Water closet at prow

Crewmen room at prow with torpedo launchers and entrance to water closet.

Non-commissioned officers room Non-commissioned officers room

Non-commissioned officers room.

Kitchen Kitchen Kitchen Kitchen's hatch

Different views of the kitchen including its hatch.

Officers room Officers room Officers room Commander's cabin

Different views of the officers room and commander's cabin.

Radio room Radio room Listening room Listening room

Different views of the radio and listening room.

Command room (main hatch) Command room Command room Command room

Different views of the command room in the central part, including the main hatch with its ladder.

Hydrofoils angle indicator Controls for hydrofoils Main compensation pump Controls for main pumps

Different views of the central control room: hydrofoils angle indicator, hydrofoils controls, main compensation pump and main pumps controls.

Chart table Sextant and rulers

Chart table with sextant and rulers.

Main Diesel engine Main pump Pumps compartment Pumps compartment

In the engine room: main Diesel engine MAN, main pump Junkers and pumps compartment.

Electric controls Electric controls Command telegraph

Electric controls and command telegraph.

Water closet astern Crewmen room astern

Crewmen room astern with torpedo launcher and auxiliary rudder, and entrance to water closet.

Double hull Double hull

Two views of the double hull (pressure hull and external hull).

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